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Financial Literacy


College 4 Life -
College Readiness

The S4L College Readiness Workshop Series is a comprehensive program designed to educate, motivate, and develop young people in their preparation for college and their transition into productive, self-sufficient members of society. 

Career 4 Life - Career Development 

Learn how to know your talents and discover the difference between a job and a career. Participants will also learn how
to write a resume, interview techniques and money management skills. 

Business 4 Life - Entrepreneurial Training

Learn what it takes to start and run a small business. This program teaches how to develop a business concept, assess the feasibility of the concept, and create small enterprises.

Finances 4 Life - Community
& Economic Development

Explore the relationship between financial literacy, financial capability and financial well-being. Managing one's finances is a complex set of challenges at the best of the times, requiring a combination of skills, judgment and resources. 

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