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Arts Education


Film & Media

The Youth Film and Media Civic Leadership Project combines filmmaking with leadership and civic awareness development. Students will engage in hands-on experiences in screenwriting, directing, producing, acting, cinematography, and editing. Through this comprehensive approach, they will acquire problem-solving skills, learn to make decisions as part of a team, and take responsibility for interdependent tasks. The culmination of the program involves students working collaboratively to write, storyboard, and produce a short film on a community topic of significance to them. This workshop offers a structured environment for interpersonal communication, fostering creativity, and critical thinking abilities. 

Performing Arts

Performing Arts Program allows students to delve into the craft of dancing, singing, acting, writing, modeling, rapping, and poetry. Students learn to make decisions as a group and take responsibility for individual interdependent tasks. They engage in structured, task-oriented interpersonal communication and problem-solving as individuals and teams. The core activity is producing a 1-hour talent show.

Performing Arts

Music Production

This workshop is a comprehensive exploration of the artistic process of making music. Participants will cover all the steps ranging from inspiration to writing lyrics, recording, and selling songs. The workshop encourages aspiring artists to find their inner voices through various forms of musical expression, including rap, song, and spoken word. It also discusses the intricacies and complexities of the music industry, such as the importance of connections. The workshop provides an inspirational, motivational, and therapeutic outlet for all participants.

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