A Call for Collaboration

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are you looking for an opportunity to showcase your talents and expertise, while also giving back to the community? S4L is transitioning its live, in-person programming into a Virtual Learning and Engagement environment!  This Spring/Summer with the partnership of SMEs like yourself – we’ll launch S4L VIRTUAL Learning where educational and inspirational videos will be delivered to our target communities via private live Zoom, FaceBook Live workshops, and online pre-recorded videos.

Request for Virtual Instructors & Pre-Recorded Videos

Share 4 Life (S4L)  would like to ask for your support by becoming a virtual instructor for online learning and/or provide us with pre-recorded videos customized for youth, teens, adults, and senior citizens for viewing on Share 4 Life’s website.

For more information and to submit videos please email: info@shareforlife.org

Online Real-time Workshops & Pre-Recorded Videos

S4L Virtual Learning will leverage 2 separate virtual learning platforms (Synchronous & Asynchronous) in order to provide learners both live and self-directed, on-demand engagement opportunities:

1-Zoom & Facebook Live: We will provide live sessions arranged and coordinated for participants to join.

2-Pre-recorded videos: We are requesting people to submit videos ranging in length from 1 to 10min long, to be uploaded on S4L website site for people to view at no cost.

Showcase your Skills with these Video Ideas

What is something you’re really good at? What you can do by showing it off in a how-to video

Financial Literacy: How to invest & save, financial planning, managing debt, planning for college & retirement.

Exercise & Nutrition: What are your daily exercise routine & healthy eating lifestyle habits.

Teach An Important Life Skill: Do you know how to change a tire? Some people don’t. Teach them how!

Show Off How To Cook A Family Recipe: Have an old family recipe that you’d like to show people how to cook it.

Talk About Your Career/Hobby In-Depth: What do you do for a living? What do you for fun? Talk about these topics and their history!

Discuss Historical Writers/Authors: Shakespeare, Sun Tzu, you name it. These men have a storied history, so to speak, so don’t hesitate to explore it!

Discuss Directorial Influences: Talk about master filmmakers like Spike Lee and discuss their influences.

Discuss Music In-Depth: How to make a beat or write a song.

Make A Biography Video: Make a biographical video on an interesting historical figure.

Discuss Time Management: Teaching people organizational skills and timekeeping.