Share For Life

Program Pillars

Share 4 Life’s programs are categorized in 4 pillars: Arts Education, Health & Wellness, Financial Literacy, and Leadership Development. Each program category offers training in specific skills and opportunities that are uniquely customized for youth, teens, adults and senior citizens. Read more about our program pillars and featured programs below:

Arts Education

Health & Wellness

Share 4 Life’s Arts Education programs in underserved communities offers a range of benefits that go beyond artistic skill development. These programs nurture creativity, build confidence, enhance cognitive abilities, foster cultural pride, and contribute to overall personal and social well-being.

Financial Literacy

Share 4 Life seeks to bridge the economic opportunity gap that exists in our underserved communities by empowering youth and adults with the tools they need to break down economic barriers and lead financially secure lives. Our Financial Literacy programs cover core concepts on how to spend, save and borrow, and how to invest and accumulate wealth to promote financial independence.
Share For Life

Featured Programs

Underserved communities often lack access to nutritious food, safe spaces for physical activity, and healthcare services. Share 4 Life’s Health & Wellness programs address the health disparity in these communities by providing access to resources, wellness programs, and preventative care referrals, and mental health support.

Leadership Development

Empowering leaders in underserved communities can create lasting change. In partnership with community leaders, Share 4 Life’s Leadership Development programs are aimed to build decision making and problem solving skills, while working together with their peers and adult leaders to solve community problems.

College Readiness Program

The Share 4 Life College Readiness Program is formatted as a workshop series designed to educate, motivate, and develop young people in their preparation for college and their transition into productive, self-sufficient members of society. Participants engage in interactive workshops, group discussions, and one-on-one sessions with facilitators covering financial aid navigation, admissions strategies.

Food Insecurity Program

Share 4 Life’s Food Insecurity Program is actively working to address the heightened food insecurity in New York City exacerbated by the global COVID-19 pandemic. We work with corporate sponsors, community leaders, and resident association presidents to distribute family grocery boxes and hot meals for NYCHA residents across the five boroughs.

Power of Positive Thinking Program

Share 4 Life’s Power of Positive Thinking program is designed to help participants understand their thoughts and learn healthy ways to process emotions. The program teaches strategies to reframe negative thoughts and use tools such as mindful breathing, vision board, and personal mission statements, to face life’s challenges with resilience and self-confidence.

Crime Awareness & Prevention

Share 4 Life’s Crime Awareness & Prevention Program seeks to empower participants and their communities to develop practical solutions to address crime and how to disengage in potentially harmful situations. The workshops cover skill development on decision making, conflict resolution strategies, and crime prevention tactics.