S4L currently conducts workshops at New York City Department of Education (DOE) and New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) community centers located in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.


To provide a wide range of quality programming at the community center in order to increase participation and resident satisfaction;

►To promote physical education, a greater sense of discipline, self-confidence, health,  strength and overall well being;

►Increase youth’s awareness about the social, economic, and health-related problems prevalent in their communities;

►Instill positive values and build character;

►Help youth develop the ability to think critically about their own decisions and behavior;

►Provide youth with healthy alternatives to living high-risk, self-destructive lifestyles;

►Demonstrate and promote instruction and technical assistance in the functions, responsibilities and roles of a resident council.

►Encourage participates in self-help initiatives to enable residents to create a positive living environment for families living in public housing.

Participating community residents and site staff have testified to the positive impact that S4L workshops have had on their lives, and to S4L’s ability to effectively teach young people about HIV/AIDS, the effects of drugs, and the consequences of unprotected sex. S4L’s workshops have not only educated youth about these conditions - as evidenced by pre- and post-tests, quizzes' and surveys are administered to youth at the start and end of each program - but also S4L programs create a safe, fun and engaging environment that provides a haven from the streets for many youth. Several youth have been referred to S4L by a friend, and others have told a friend about the program.
S4L uses the following evaluation tools to keep track and demonstrate our progress working with NYCHA. Pre- and post-program tests are administered to assess changes in youth’s knowledge and understanding about HIV/AIDS, the effects of drugs, and the consequences of unprotected sex. Each group of youth who participated in the Film & Media Program will have produced a 5-minute film and will be invited to attend a “mini-review” of the film held for their family and friends. Attendance lists are kept for each workshop. Written and oral staff evaluations/feedback will be solicited at the end of each workshop. Records are kept of the number of youth referred by their peers to S4L programs.
Community Partners
Our unique programs have proven to work in making a positive difference in the lives of people throughout New York City.