Share 4 Life's programs are categorized in 4 pillars: 1. Arts Education 2. Financial Literacy  3. Leadership Development 4. Health & Wellness.

Individual workshops run from one day to four, six, eight or twelve weeks; and can be combined to form three, six or nine month ongoing programs.  We utilize a creative combination of lectures, films and the performing arts to conduct workshops to youth, teens, adults and seniors in the following areas:
Share 4 Life Programs

Arts Education

Film & Media

Film & Media

Participants become actors, directors, producers and stars in their own short film. This program teaches all the elements of creating a film from script writing to shooting and editing. The program culminates in a public screening of the films created.

Music Production

Music Production

A comprehensive program about the process of making music. From initial songwriting through to the recording process and finally the commercial release of music this program covers the artistic, technical and business aspects of the music business.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts


Developing creative talents in acting,  dance and music.  Participants create  live 

performance that   highlights an issue of interest that are determined by the participants themselves.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math

This program is designed to build students interest in the field of computer science education and to provide a rigorous in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of computer programming.
Share 4 Life Programs

Financial Literacy

Business 4 Life

Entrepreneurial Training


Learn what it takes to start and run a small business. This program teaches how to develop a business concept, assess the feasibility of the concept, and create small enterprises.

College 4 Life

College Readiness


This program is designed to educate, motivate and develop young people into thinking positively about themselves and getting ready for college.

Finances 4 Life

Community & Economic Development

Explore the relationship between financial literacy, financial capability and financial well-being.
Managing one’s finances is a complex set of challenges at the best of the times, requiring a combination of skills, judgment and resources.

Career 4 Life

Career Development

Learn how to know your talents and discover the difference between a job and a career. Participants will also learn how
to write a resume, interview techniques and money management skills.

Share 4 Life Programs

Leadership Development

Lead 4 Life

Youth Leadership & Development


This program nurtures and develops the natural
leadership abilities of youth and prepares them for self-sufficiency, responsibility and productivity.

Women & Men's Empowerment

Women & Men's Empowerment

These gender programs are taught separately and consists of lectures, interactive 

discussions, short films and educational training exercises that aim to help build strong individuals, families and communities.

Stop the Violence Program

Stop the Violence Program

How to deal with difficult situations, conflict resolution such as standing up against bullies and overcoming negative peer pressure. With a focus on minority incarceration prevention and awareness.

Police & Community Engagement

Police & Community Engagement

We produce special events in partnership with police departments and community residents. These events provide viable information that will enable people to become aware, prepared and knowledgeable on how to interact with the NYC Police Department and engage in community programs/events
Share 4 Life Programs

Health & Wellness

Senior Citizen Programs

Senior Visionary Workshop Series

This workshop series of 5 different programs gives Senior Citizens an active social life (virtual) and helps to lower the risk of depression. 
Helping seniors maintain independence; improve their quality of life and give hope for the future.

Health 4 Life

Health Education & Nutrition

Provides valuable health related information and wellness programs designed to address ways to have a healthier lifestyle. This program gives opportunities for participants to receive important free health screening and referral services.

Positive Thinking 4 Life

Positive Thinking & Building Self-Esteem



This program is designed to help participants understand their thoughts and illustrate how the power of positive thinking can change and improve their life.

Sports & Exercise

Sports & Exercise




Physical activity to stay healthy, 

including muscle strengthening and toning.