Share for Life Foundation

Share for Life Foundation, Inc. (S4L) was founded in 2002 by Janine Saulsbury as an organization that sought to providing educational programs and videos and share positive information and resources that educate, empower, enrich and encourage the lives of people in the communities we serve.

The Share for Life Foundation, Inc. (Share 4 Life) is a tax exempt [501 (c) 3], nonprofit organization founded in 2002 and based in New York City. Formally incorporated as a not for profit organization in January of 2003, Share 4 Life began to partner with community based organizations (CBOs) and government agencies that serve at risk youth and their families to help achieve self sufficiency, make healthy decisions, and become productive members of society.

S4L’s mission is to provide the necessary resources,  education and information to enable those currently living at or below poverty level to become self-sufficient, productive leaders of society within their community. Realizing that visual stimulation is one of the most effective ways to communicate messages – particularly to youth – S4L fights for social change by developing supportive projects with creative campaigns: it infuses film and music with health awareness to warn individuals about the consequences of high-risk behavior and empower them to make decisions that will lead them to live safe, healthy and productive lives.  A film and an accompanying curriculum form the basis of S4L’s HIV/AIDS workshops for at-risk youth, ages 14 to 24.  Additional workshops and community projects that also use a combination of film and the performing arts address the myriad of other obstacles that these youth face, and help them develop skills and strategies to overcome them.

S4L programs actively engage participants in educational training exercises that aim to reduce life-threatening risk behaviors and depression. We share positive information and resources through safe, fun, and engaging programs. Individual workshops run from one day to four, six, eight or twelve weeks.

Any S4L programs can be customized to form three, six or nine month ongoing programs. We utilize a creative combination of lectures, films and the performing arts to conduct workshops to youth, teens, adults and seniors in the following areas:

  • Youth Leadership & Development
  • Film & Media                                               
  • Career Development 
  • Music Production & Making a Demo Tape
  • Safe Sex & HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness
  • Gang & Violence Awareness  & Prevention 
  • Go Green 
  • The Power of Positive Thinking
  • Health Education, Nutrition & Exercise
  • Performing Arts
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Entrepreneurial Training
  • S4l All Female and Male Teen Programs 
  • Police and Community Engagement Program
  • Stop the Violence Program
  • How Government Works
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math (S.T.E.A.M.)
  • Performing Arts
  • Health Education, Nutrition & Education
  • Sports and Exercise Programs
  • Recycled Handcrafts Workshop