Share for Life Foundation

The Share For Life Foundation, Inc.  (Share 4 Life) is a tax-exempt [501 (c) 3], non-profit organization founded in 2002 and based in New York City. Share 4 Life’s mission is to render programs that alleviate issues affecting disadvantaged communities in New York City. These programs include and are not limited to arts education, financial literacy, leadership development, and health & wellness.  Share 4 Life partners with community-based organizations; (CBOs); and government agencies that serve at-risk youth and their families to

help them achieve self-sufficiency, make healthy decisions, and become productive members of society. We strive to empower urban communities, especially those living within the New York City Housing Authority; (NYCHA); and surrounding areas, with the knowledge and resources to be successful leaders. Share 4 Life works to meet the needs of the community by

offering a variety of high-quality and engaging programs, services, and initiatives for families of all ages. For 19 years, Share 4 Life has worked to fulfill our mission of strengthening urban communities through our many efforts and initiatives. By forming lasting partnerships, understanding the needs of the community, and focusing our efforts and expertise on areas in which we can make a lasting difference; Share 4 Life has continued to innovate and identify

services and solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of NYC residents living at or below poverty levels. Share 4 Life understands our commitment to reducing poverty and community advancement can be contingent upon available resources, which is what we provide through EducationEmployment, and Self-Sufficiency.


Share4 Life’s programs are designed to create and sustain a strategic pathway to navigate obstacles that impede successful outcomes.

These obstacles include:  

  • Illiteracy 
  • Poverty 
  • Hunger 
  • Shelter 
  • Economic Stability 
  • Employment 

To overcome these obstacles, Share For Life has coordinated the following for New York City residents between 2001-2019 to help meet the needs of the community: 

  • Approximately 15,000 people have participated in Share 4 Life’s programs since 2002
  • Offered over 120 programs helping approximately 6,120 teens/young adults explore their creativity, learn leadership skills, avoid life-threatening behaviors, and engage in a healthier lifestyle 
  • Provided 57 Senior Visionary Workshops, 23 Health-Education/Nutrition & Exercise programs, and initiatives to improve physical and mental well-being impacting over 4,860 elders