Share For Life Foundation

The Share for Life Foundation, Inc. (“S4L”) is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt non-profit organization based in New York City that creates educational programs and videos for at-risk youth, adults, and seniors living in public housing communities. Founded in 2002, our goal is to help people achieve self-sufficiency, make healthy decisions, and become productive members of society.

Our unique programs are cost-effective and have proven to be successful in making a positive difference by improving the lives of those we serve.

S4L specializes in professional and personal development training workshops that provide opportunities for each age group to thrive. The younger demographic is encouraged to discover new interests and explore creativity, while teens build skills that support academic achievement and cultivate leadership, finally; seniors can continue intellectual stimulation by engaging in interactive workshops. Our programs foster social and emotional competencies along with physical well-being.

S4L provides employment opportunities to community residents and arranges internships through local companies and community-based organizations. In addition to providing food and beverages at our workshops, we coordinate outings and encourage sponsors to donate merchandise giveaways to the program participants.

Share for Life

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