S4L programs actively engage participants in educational training exercises aiming to reduce life-threatening risk behaviors and depression. We share and reinforce positive information and resources through safe, fun, and engaging programs. Individual workshops range from one day, four days, six days, or eight to twelve weeks. Most of S4L programs can be customized extending to three, six or nine month ongoing programs. We utilize a creative combination of lectures, films and the performing arts to conduct workshops to youth, teens, adults and seniors in the following areas:

  • Youth Leadership & Development

4.jpgWoodside Houses

This workshop develops young people’s leadership abilities and fosters critical thinking about communication, decision-making, and peer and family pressures. Participants will develop character, acquire problem-solving skills, and learn to assess individual strengths and weaknesses. This program is designed to nurture and develop the natural leadership abilities of youth and aim to prepare them for self-sufficiency and becoming productive members of society.[/toggle] [/toggles] [toggles] [toggle title=”Film & Media ” opened=”false”]

  • Film & Media


This program is designed to teach the fundamentals of making a short film, from the development stages of writing a script and drawing a storyboard to filming a 5-minute short film. Students will be introduced not only to the craft of screenplay writing, but also to directing, producing, acting and cinematography.[/toggle] [/toggles] [toggles] [toggle title=”Career Development ” opened=”false”]

  • Career Development


This workshop combines social and emotional elements of career awareness with specific planning and research skills to empower students to make informed academic and career-preparation decisions. This workshop is designed to encourage today’s job seekers to set career goals, make wiser financial decisions, prepare youth for the work force and independence; including how to write a resume, interviewing techniques and money management skills. Youth will learn the difference between a job and a career.[/toggle] [/toggles] [toggles] [toggle title=”Blaq-Ink Music ” opened=”false”]

  • Blaq-Ink Music

Blaq-Ink workshop is a comprehensive exploration of the artistic process of making music, from an initial creative thought about a song to the final end product, a record, as well as an in depth examination of the music business and the factors involved in making successful connections and records in the industry. A Blaq-Ink workshop will: (1) Encourage young people to find their inner voices through various forms of musical expression including but not limited to rap, song, and spoken word, (2) Educate aspiring artists about the intricacies and complexities of the music business, and (3) Provide an inspirational, motivational, and therapeutic outlet for all participants.[/toggle] [/toggles] [toggles] [toggle title=”Safe Sex & HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness ” opened=”false”]

  • Safe Sex & HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness

WomenHIVAIDSRibbon-copyworld-aids-day-blog2red ribbon

This workshop Informs and educates young people about HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and pregnancy prevention through film/video, written materials and oral/written examinations.[/toggle] [/toggles] [toggles] [toggle title=”Gang & Violence Awareness & Prevention ” opened=”false”]

  • Gang & Violence Awareness & Prevention










This workshop will combat gang involvement and help youth develop self-worth and respect for self and others. Teens join gangs for a variety of reasons. Some are seeking excitement while others are looking for prestige, protection, a chance to make money, or a sense of belonging. We help youth understand the consequences behind their behavior and how to avoid danger. [/toggle] [/toggles] [toggles] [toggle title=”Go Green ” opened=”false”]

  • Go Green

Youth, adults, and seniors will go through a series of thought provoking, interactive exercises to help protect the environment, become stewards of the community and promote healthy living.[/toggle] [/toggles] [toggles] [toggle title=”The Power of Positive Thinking ” opened=”false”]

  • The Power of Positive Thinking

This program is designed to help participants understand their thoughts and illustrate how the power of positive thinking can change and improve their life. The workshop will teach students that maintaining a positive attitude will drive them to success and happiness.[/toggle] [/toggles] [toggles] [toggle title=”Health Education, Nutrition & Exercise ” opened=”false”]

  • Health Education, Nutrition & Exercise

This program is designed to support the first lady Michelle Obama’s Anti-Obesity Initiative by addressing the health problems that are devastating the lives of thousands of American’s who suffer from chronic diseases related to obesity and overweight. We encourage good healthy habits and encourage regular exercise. [/toggle] [/toggles] [toggles] [toggle title=”Performing Arts ” opened=”false”]

  • Performing Arts

This program nurtures students’ creative interests in the performing and literary arts and entertainment. Students’ creative talents are developed and culminate in an end-of-program performance that highlights an issue of interest decided upon by the participants themselves.[/toggle] [/toggles] [toggles] [toggle title=”Women’s Empowerment ” opened=”false”]

Women’s Empowerment

This program is designed to help students identify their talents, passions and interests, and to help them learn about the people and events that have made who they are. Setting goals for themselves is a critical process that all individuals must learn to do. The more they understand about themselves, the easier it is to create long-term goals.[/toggle] [/toggles] [toggles] [toggle title=”Entrepreneurial Training ” opened=”false”]

  • Entrepreneurial Training

Group_Training-300x207       entrepreneurJ-H-372653-13bigstock-Goals-in-project-and-managemen-43261522-e1376838942852

This workshop takes different age groups through the process of developing a business concept, assessing the feasibility of the concept, and creating small enterprises. Research will be conducted to ascertain what types of ventures have the greatest likelihood of success and the greatest market demand. Creating these ventures will be the method that participants will use for self-discovery while meeting the challenges of start-up and implementation.[/toggle] [/toggles] [toggles] [toggle title=”S4l All Female and Male Teen Programs:” opened=”false”]

  • S4l All Female and Male Teen Programs


The two unique programs below are specially tailored for all FEMALE and MALE groups and run for 3 months (12 weeks). The programs include all supplies, materials and light refreshments. Women at Risk (W.A.R.) – Woman: is a workshop for females only that consists of lectures, interactive discussions, three short films and educational training exercises that aim to reduce life-threatening risk behaviors. The three short films are based on three women demonstrating real life situations. Each woman struggles with obstacles that could eliminate her chances of a healthy life and productive future. The women encounter issues such as: verbal and physical abuse, HIV/AIDS, depression, low-self esteem, unwanted pregnancies and incarceration. This workshop demonstrates how to turn negative situations into positive ones by making wiser decisions, being responsible for your actions, and learning self-love, self-worth and positive thinking. Men At Risk – Male Empowerment Workshop for males consists of lectures, interactive discussions, short films and educational training exercises that aim to reduce life-threatening risky behaviors, and educates young men about the value of self-sufficiency and promotes the need for positive role models. Through empowerment workshops, career development, with a significant emphasis on mentoring and literacy, this workshop will create an environment for growth. The workshop will help young men develop a good self-image, demonstrate respect for others and experience healthy relationships. [/toggle] [/toggles] [toggles] [toggle title=”Senior Visionary Workshop Series 1-5:” opened=”false”] This workshop series gives Senior Citizens an active social life and helps to lower the risk of depression. We help seniors maintain independence; improve their quality of life and give hope for the future. Workshops include: Senior Citizens Visionary 1 Program- A Walk Down Memory Lane We will explore how things have changed over the years through the eyes of seniors, by utilizing music, film & television. Senior Citizens Visionary 2 Program- Reminiscence Therapy Reminiscence therapy uses prompts, such as photos, music or familiar items from the past, to encourage seniors to talk about earlier memories. This program will help seniors with mood and memory problems, as well as help dealing with the difficulties that come along with aging. Senior Citizens Visionary 3 Program- Health Education, Nutrition, & Exercise This healthy-aging program is designed to help uncover the secrets of aging well. This program will help seniors learn positive skills and strategies for healthy lifestyles both mentally and physically through interactive workshops that include hands-on activities, educational handout materials, healthy snacks and Tai Chi exercise training. Senior Citizens Visionary 4 Program: Seniors Go Green Seniors will learn the importance of going green and preserving the environment. Seniors will go through a series of thought provoking, interactive exercises to help protect the environment, and become stewards of the community and promote healthy living. Senior Citizens Visionary 5 Program: Senior Music Therapy This Music Enrichment program affords seniors unique opportunities geared toward the promotion of learning and improved self-esteem, by using music and exercise infused with education and health awareness. We believe, it’s never too late to learn & you’re never too old to enjoy music and other life enhancing activities. [/toggle] [/toggles] [toggles] [toggle title=”Resident Leadership Training: ” opened=”false”]


  • Resident Leadership Training


This workshop provides resources that will enhance participants’ abilities as members of NYCHA Resident Associations. These resources include training, organizing, and leadership development, as well as identifying roles and responsibilities for new and existing Resident Board members. Resources also include planning functions, forming committees, promoting safety and security, revitalization, maintenance and capital improvements. Workshops also provide nonprofit Incorporation and 501(c)(3) Services, TPA Guidelines & Procedures, Grant Writing and Funding Opportunities.  Share 4 Life’s event planning services offer the precise resources and information designed for each individual project. We will coordinate every aspect of your event from beginning to end and communicate your vision effectively. [/toggle] [/toggles][/toggle] [/toggles] [toggles] [toggle title=”S4L Holiday Events, Conferences & Weekend Retreats: ” opened=”false”]

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